ANZES Newsletter – Autum 2020

We are living in strange times. With the current pandemic, our lives have changed immensely since we were together at AsAES a few short weeks ago.

Referrals and elective surgery have decreased and many of us have more time on our hands. You might use this time productively – writing, reflecting, exercising, reading, cooking, or taking up a new hobby. Or you might need to just chill. It’s OK. Be kind to yourself. Connect with friends and family when you can. Consider adopting a rescue animal!

We are incredibly lucky. Australia and New Zealand are doing so well compared to the rest of the world. The sacrifices we are being asked to make are nothing compared with generations who came before us. We are not being asked to go off to war. We as a country are in a position to get through this. Just stay at home when possible and maintain hand hygiene. We got this! At the same time, spare a thought for workers in arts and entertainment, tourism and travel, fitness, and hospitality. They are really suffering. So maybe order takeaway tonight and think of how we can support our neighbours.

Your ANZES is here to support you. We have published a position statement defining urgent endocrine surgery. We have reduced our annual subscription by half. We are with you and remain so. Please, friends and colleagues, look after yourselves and each other. Things are bound to improve in the coming months. Maybe sooner than we think.

ANZES Newsletter – Autum 2020

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